About Us

Our history on development of this organisation comes from experience and research data from numerous international students across Canada. The inference that we received from all these data produced an unbalanced state of condition among international students. In order to react to this situation and promote equilibrium, we started carrying out activities in an informal manner to respond to these needs. Upon receiving great support and co operation of international students and community, we thought about formalizing our activities to bridge this existing gap in the community and hence this organisation.

International students in Canada are mostly the first one from their family to a new country and often isolated by their culture and language in Canada. International Student Services Canada is an organisation formed to promote, welcome and integrate international students to the Canadian community and culture for the best of their education and social life. This is achieved by closely working with International Student Centers in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions and also by encouraging the community to respect the diversity of their international students. By promoting recognition of their value and cultural differences, we facilitate the integration and participation of students into the social, economic and cultural life of the community.

We are dedicated to identify, assess and provide meaningful solutions to the problems faced by the international student community through an effective networking system thereby promoting holistic development of the community.

Every international student who comes to Canada will find a way to be successful in his or her dreams.