Literacy and Language Instruction Program

1) Language Instruction for Newcomers

ISSO's Language Instruction for Newcomers program helps newcomers to Canada to learn the language skills that are essential to their social, economic and cultural integration into Canadian society. This program provides clients with a supportive environment in which they can learn a new language and explore different cultures. This program is offered at different levels, from Literacy Level to Advanced Language Skills based on the registration of participants and availability of volunteers. Please register in advance.

  • Basic communication skills developed through reading, speaking, listening, grammar, and writing exercises;
  • Computer aided instruction;
  • Cultural excursions to places of interest; guest speakers from other community support services;
  • Assistance in accessing resources in the community such as health clinics; retail and educational sites; and business and recreational facilities;
  • Landed immigrants
  • Convention refugees

2) Literacy Program Objectives

  • collecting and analyzing data on literacy
  • promoting the importance of literacy
  • convening Canadians to promote knowledge-sharing on literacy
  • celebrating Family Literacy Day
  • Promoting Family Literacy Fun.
  • Immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Low income families
  • People with disabilities
  • Temporary residents
  • International Students